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Repair, Return, Loaner Devices

If you are having a problem with a Bell Mobility device, please call Bell Support 1 877 328 2123. If you follow through the steps that that you are advised to do by the technician and the problem is not resolved, the technician will advise that it is a hardware problem and provide a Trouble Ticket number .
Then complete the form :  and request a loaner device be sent to you.
Contact Hardware Service : [email protected] 416 641 2800 x 2874
If your device is damaged beyond repair, water damaged etc, please email [email protected] for pricing on a replacement device.

After 1 year from date of sale on your invoice, the manufacturer's warranty will no longer apply and there will be a charge for any repair requests.
(Please note that after you have had your phone for 24 months (unless otherwise stated in the Bell contract) you may now be eligible for a discounted price on the purchase of new hardware by re-signing on a term contract by performing a 'hardware upgrade'. It is highly advisable that this option be considered if your phone is 'out of warranty' as this option becomes much more cost effective than getting your existing phone repaired.)
Units for repair must be sent to our service department within 7 days of issue of the on-line service/loaner request work order and loaner. Please notify our service department by email of any delay in returning the loaner unit. We require these units for other customers. Failure to return your loaner promptly will result in a one-time $25 charge to your account or security deposit.

Global Wireless and Baka Wireless work together to provide mobility services for companies across Canada

Return Chart



Rate Plan

0-14 days, less than 30 minutes (Cell, Smartphone, Turbo Hub, etc.), all hardware and packaging must be intact. Mobile Internet Devices (Turbo Sticks, MiFi and Turbo Hub)with data usage not exceeding 50 megabytes.

Full Refund ($25 administration fee will apply)

Full Cancellation Fees Apply†

15 days and / or 30 minutes or greater and/or data usage exceeding 50 megabytes (Mobile Internet Devices).

No Refund

Full Cancellation Fees Apply†

SIM cards are final sale. iPhone cannot be returned or exchanged.



Includes Early Termination Charges if cancelling your service agreement.
If you return a cellular phone it must:
Be returned in its original packaging along with all components, such as manufacturer's guide, additional battery, battery charger, handset strap, tray, rubber face plate and cases. Note: these components may not be included with all cellular phones.
Manufacturer's guide must not be written in or torn.
Cellular phone must not have incurred any physical damage: scratches, dents, broken antenna, etc.
If the above conditions are not met, or if we do not receive the product within the 14-day remorse period, a communication will be sent to you advising that a refund on the hardware will not be applied. Additionally, you may be responsible for charges including but not limited to the prorated rate package charge, out of bundle usage*, and the Long Term Contract Cancellation Fee (if on a contract).
*Out of bundle usage charges are charges for airtime, long distance, or roaming that are not included within the rate package.
All returns and exchanges should be received at address below , and must be accompanied by the original receipt and a note of explanation. Allow for shipping time to ensure Baka receives the item within the 14 days from invoice date. All courier fees and expenses is the responsibility of the end user. Returns should be shipped to:

Attn: Fulfillment
Baka Wireless
630 The East Mall
Etobicoke, Ontario
M9B 4B1

Refund will be to the method of purchase. Cash will be refunded via corporate cheque.
This policy is subject to change, and will be updated as needed.

DOA (Dead on Arrival)

A DOA cellular phone or device is defined as a non-functioning or defective product. Baka follows the standard manufacturer and Bell DOA policies for all cellular phones and devices where applicable. These policies are subject to change without notice.
In order to qualify for DOA, the phone must meet the following criteria:

  • Baka must be able to reproduce the problem.
  • All DOA returns must include a copy of the original bill of sale, invoice, and also include a description of the problem.
  • The phone / device must be in original packaging (the unit ESN / IMEI must also match the box), and include all accessories, manuals and warranty cards. The phone / device must be undamaged and free of cosmetic marks including nicks, scratches, etc.
  • The Electronic Serial Number (ESN) must remain associated with the cell number as it appears on the purchase order or invoice. Any change (i.e.: ESN Change, MIN Swap, etc.) will result in the unit being sent in for service (now covered under the one-year manufacture’s warranty).
  • The DOA unit must be received at Baka within 15 calendar days from the purchase date found on the original invoice. Unfortunately there are no exceptions to this rule. If an item is received past the calendar date, it will be sent into the manufacturer for repair and a loaner phone will be issued.
  • HTC devices must have less then 300 minutes of usage.
  • There is no DOA policy for the Apple iPhone. If a client has a hardware, software or application issue after the unit has been activated the client must use the Apple Care Complimentary Support Channel (call 1-800-263-3394), to resolve their issue and also, to determine if an Advance replacement through apple or bell client care is required.
  • AirLink clients experiencing a hardware, software or application issue after the unit has been activated the client must use the AirLink customer support call 1-888-924-7546. For rugged Modems, 1-877-231-1144 Option 2.
  • Sierra Wireless clients experiencing a hardware, software or application issue after the unit has been activated are required to contact the Triage Center at 1-877-DATA-123. Baka channels replacement claims through the Bell RTIS program.
  • Regarding Blackberry Dead on Arrivals
    The Blackberry DOA policy requires that the device is returned to Baka within 30 days (15 days for a PlayBook), from the original activation date; after 30 days the DOA policy is the liability of the manufacturer's one year warranty.

DOA products are to be shipped to:

Baka Communications Inc
Attn: Fulfillment, DOA
630 The East Mall
Etobicoke, Ontario
M9B 4B1

If the phone qualifies for DOA (based on criteria above), Baka will provide you with a replacement phone (same model). If these criteria are not met, the replacement of the device must be shipped to the manufacturer. If not, the replacement of the device will be the responsibility of manufacturer under the 1 year warranty that the unit has.

Please Note:

  • If the phone does not qualify for DOA, your phone will automatically be forwarded to our service department, and we will provide you with a Service Reference Number, for use in tracking the repair.
  • Phones must be returned with the original box and full packaging. Any missing components will be subject to a minimum $50 re-stocking fee, and any phones that have been scratched or damaged will NOT be exchanged and will have to be sent in for service as in the case below.

*SIM cards are final sale. If returning a device that came with a SIM card, you are responsible for purchasing a new one to go with the returned device. Shipping fees are final sale and are non refundable
*iPhones returned under the “Buyer’s Remorse” process will be subject to a $43.60 “refresh” fee (plus applicable taxes).
*Due to hygienic reasons, all Earpiece and/or Headsets are Final Sale.
*Accessories will be considered for return within 14 days of Invoice Purchase Date , provided the item is un-used, and complete in original packaging.